Milan To Rome

If you have landed at Malpensa airport I presume how to travel from Milan to Rome, will be your next thought, unless you are planning to stay a day or two in Milan (highly recommended). For many visitors of Italy, all roads lead to Rome.

To reach Rome, the eternal city from Milan, it’s not a big deal. These less than 600 km that separates them, it’s easy to travel across. Only depends how you are traveling, as a businessmen always in a hurry or just a joyful tourist (lucky you).

No matter what way you’ll decide on, here’s what you’ll find on this page:

What is the best way to travel from Milan to Rome?

Do you need to rent a car to travel to Rome?

The cheapest way to travel

It’s obvious that the cheapest way isn’t the best way to travel. But money question is sometimes the most deciding factor. On travel planing we all try to spend less money on transport costs rather to give up something else like a nice room or a romantic dinner near Fontana di Trevi.

I don’t have to remind you that between Milan and Rome, there is Florence that might be an interesting in-between target. Find out how to travel from Milan to Florence!

Taking a bus to travel to Rome is in the long run, the cheapest way but not the shortest way in terms of time. In the best case it takes more than 8 hours by bus to reach Rome. From Milan buses usually leave from two bus stations – Autostazione Lampugnano or Rogoredo bus station while in Rome all buses arrive at Tiburtina bus station.See the map below to find all bus stations: