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Visit Milan in February: Weather, Events, Expos & What to Wear

Febbraio in Milan is a touch colder with a real chance of snow, but Fashion Week, Carnival, all the February expos and no crowds, make it worthwhile to visit.


We are in the middle of winter season and I won’t be wrong if I tell you that you can expect very cold weather, low temperatures, sometimes below freezing, and snow is not a rare phenomenon for this month. As a consolation it rains less.

Although I don’t like to predict the weather forecast in advance, some data of average temperatures for February will give you useful tips how to get dressed in unpredictable February climate and what bring with you.


The average daily temperature in February does not drop below 5°C/41°F and the highest temperature reaches around 11°C/52°F. February is one of the coldest winter months and night temperatures drop to 1°C/33.8°F but temperatures below zero are not uncommon.It’s quite normal to expect a bit of snow.


February is also a foggy months with 41% of a foggy day but in spite of these gloomy forecasts, you can expect some sunshine in Milan in February after the fog disappears. According some statistics you can expect an average of 4 hours of sunshine per day in February in Milan.

What to Wear

It won’t be difficult to guess what you should pack if you decide to visit Milan in this month. Keeping in mind that weather in February can be quite foggy and wet, which will influence your decisions on what to wear in Milan. Don’t forget that at night temperatures can drop below zero and it’s going to be quite chilly.

Below you’ll find my personal recommendations for your visit to Milan in February:

Like always I’d like to remind you to bring comfortable shoes, better if you use waterproof or water-resistant and in case of chilly weather (usually in the morning) bring some thermal underwear and warm men or women hat. It would’t be a bad idea to bring a pair of gloves or hand wraps.

After one of the hottest months of January ever, February showed a particularly more winter face. The wave of Siberian frost that has affected Europe in late February had its effects in Milan.


February is low season in Milan without tourist crowds that gives you possibility to explore the city without any hustle and bustle. It’s the best period to visit with tranquility all of Milan’s top sights.

Here are most important events you can take part is you decide to be there in February:

  • February Monday 11 – Patti Lateranensi
  • February 14th – San Valentino
  • Fall/Winter Women Fashion week from 19 to 25 February
  • February 28th Shrove Thursday

Fashion Week

Women’s Fashion Week is the most prestigious event organized by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion), with its two yearly appointments and a network of thousands of field operators that work to make this great event perfect. The woman collection fashion shows are the most awaited moment of the international fashion system

In February it will take place between 19 to 25 presenting the fall and winter collection on the prestigious location that hosts more than 170 shows and presentations, promoting the brands that have made famous Made In Italy in the world. For full and detailed schedule check Milan Chamber of Fashion!

Ambrosian Carnival

The Carnival falls every year on different days, also in relation to other holidays such as Easter. You may be surprised why Milan celebrate the Ambrosian Carnival, which falls a few days later than the rest of Italy?

One of the reasons for two different Carnivals, concerns the bishop of Milan, Ambrogio, who before he left for a pilgrimage promised he would return on time to Milan for the Carnival, in order to start Lent. In spite he announced he will be late, the citizens decided to wait for his return prolonging the Carnival and postponing the beginning of Lent.

The Carnival of Milan is a special event for those who want to take part in this feat, that always happens after Venice Carnival. Ambrosian Carnival 2019 will culminate on Saturday, March 9 with a big parade starting from Piazza Duomo.

San Valentino

The day dedicated to love is undeniably Valentine’s Day. A unique and special day, where all the lovers in the world have a leading role. But how to find the best way to celebrate this special day in Milan in February? To help you decide you can visit San Valentino Milan website. (only in Italian)

For those who want to spend the night with their partner, there are many different offers of some beautiful hotels in the city. Luxurious facilities, where in addition to overnight at the wonderful rooms, equipped with every comfort, you can take advantage of the various services offered by the hotel.

Sheraton Diana Majestic Milano

Visit Milan in February: Weather, Events, Expos & What to Wear
San Valentino at Silver Hotel di Milano four-star luxury of pure love

4 stars Silver Hotel Milan

If you are looking for more romantic setting, nearby Norther Italy lakes, Como and Maggiore lakes, offer location immersed in a unique and evocative setting.

Visit Milan in February: Weather, Events, Expos & What to Wear
Hotel Griso di Malgrate on Lake Come offers a wonderful package at a promotional price

Clarion Hotel Griso Como Lake

Visit Milan in February: Weather, Events, Expos & What to Wear
Valentine’s Day at Hotel Belvedere di Ranco, located in the splendid setting of Lake Maggiore

Hotel Belvedere Ranco Maggiore Lake

What to Do

There are many things to do in Milan, as well, as events going on in the month on February.

Museum Exhibitions

Visit Milan in February: Weather, Events, Expos & What to Wear

A guided tour of the “Picasso Metamorfosi’ exhibition at Palazzo Reale will be available. Returns to pay homage to Pablo Picasso, exposing over 200 works including works by the artist himself and works of ancient art.Discover genius Pablo Picasso with skip-the-line tickets. All tours are in English. Hurry up, it ends at February 17th.

Teatro alla Scala

This tour is perfect if you have a passion for music, opera, and exploring the history of Milan through Verdi’s eyes by of visiting his places in the city.Your tour guide, will help you discover all musical places where Giuseppe Verdi has traveled in Milan.During this tour your guide will take you on an historical tour entirely dedicated to a cultural music itinerary and the life of Verdi. Available only on Sundays!

The things that never fail in Milan are fairs and business meetings of all kind. Like in every month of the year, in Milan takes place all kinds of fairs and exhibitions. Even Milan in February boasts of some important international fairs:


There a few notable expositions and fairs that come to Milan in February like Lineapelle which is as good as it gets in shoe fashion.

Bit Milano

Visit Milan in February: Weather, Events, Expos & What to Wear

February 10-12

Bit is the leading international exhibition of tourism in Italy. Bit will offer a totally new experience and will be one of the most important places to plan the next holiday.


Micam Milano

Visit Milan in February: Weather, Events, Expos & What to Wear

February 10-13

A international footwear exhibition, and leader among shows dedicated to medium-high and high level footwear, MICAM will showcase collections for the fall/winter season in the large exhibition areas.


Hobby Show Milano

Visit Milan in February: Weather, Events, Expos & What to Wear

February 22-24

The big Italian creativity show that is one of the most important multi-theme shows dedicated to the fine arts and handicrafts where the special accent is dedicated to female handicrafts.

MiCo Congress


Visit Milan in February: Weather, Events, Expos & What to Wear

February 20-22

An international exhibition of leather, accessories, components, synthetics and models for footwear. Lineapelle is a showcase of leading (Italian) companies, with their inimitable style, quality and customer care.