Milan Public Transport

I love Milan transportation system, not only because it’s the cheapest and the fastest way to move around the city but it’s the most efficient public transportation in Italy.

Probably the best way to get from one sightseeing point to another will be walking on foot as Milan city center is a friendly walking area. But sometimes, due to some factors like weather conditions, shortage of time to see as more possible in a day or in few hours, it’s better to take advantage of Milan excellent public transport system.


Milan public transportation is managed by ATM ( Azienda Trasporti Milanesi, in English Milan Transport Company, covering public transportation in Milan city and some surrounding municipalities. On their excellent website in English you can find all important information.

Here are all ATM’s transport services:


Practically all Milan areas are covered with four metro lines that run to perfection. It’s the most popular mean of transportation used not only by residents but also by many tourists.

The Milan Metro is about 94.5 km long and currently consists of four lines, plus a railway loop (in Italian ‘passante ferroviario‘) that is an underground system with 5 lines called “suburban lines” that connect the hinterland area of Milan and the city center.

The most important is to have a good Milan’s underground map and to know the Milan metro network.


Milan Public Transport

The trams in Milan have been running since 1876 and while in other European cities trams have almost disappeared, Milan has always kept its tram network system running.

The trams in Milan are one of the easiest and fastest ways to get around the city, thanks to its extensive network. With almost 18 tram lines, with numbers from 1 to 33, some of them are more than 80 years old.

You can still find models, such as the 1500 series trams, which date back to 1928. Models you can see only in Lisbon and San Francisco.


Milan Public Transport

Milan transportation system offers more than 80 Eco-friendly bus routes. I would say that most of the buses run on time with the delays that depend on the traffic particularly during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

The most popular trolley bus lines are N°90 and N°91 while bus line N° 94 circles the city center and popular tourist highlights. On the map below you can see the bus route map 94.

Recently they have introduced a night route along the metro when it is closed.

Bus 94 route map


Milan Public Transport

Taxi is Milan is rather efficient and widely available means of Milan transportation. If you need one, you can find it everywhere in the city but mainly in the city center or near the most important Milan attractions.

Don’t hail a taxi in Milan as it will rarely stop. To take one it’s better to find one of many taxis stations or just call one of many radio taxi companies number.

Taxis in Milan are quite expensive, but cheaper then in some European towns like London or Amsterdam. Despite Milan being relatively small, you never know when you might need to take a taxi.

Find information on Milan taxi tariffs and more information.


Milan Public Transport

Honestly I would discourage you using a car around Milan city center. There are several reasons for that.

First, Milan has a heavy traffic and secondly it’s difficult to find a parking place in Milan.

Another warning concerns restricted Area C area that covers historical city center with very rigorous urban access regulation. To enter in “Area C” you must purchase and activate an entrance ticket that costs 5€ unless you don’t want to pay a heavy fine.

If you happen to be in Milan with your car leave your car at one of public parking lots and take a public Milan transportation means, metro or bus service.

On the page, parking in Milan, you can find all necessary information and ATM parking lots map.


Milan Public Transport

I agree that a big city like Milan and riding a bike don’t get along. Sometimes riding a bike in the middle of crazy traffic, can be a big risk for your life. But in recent years things have changes when talking about Milan.

Milan with many new cycling paths, with many parks and city with no hills, has become a friendly biking city. For example, thanks to the municipality of Milan, you can even ride a bike for shopping as a new renovated bike trail goes from Porta Venezia metro station all the way along Corso Buenos Aires, without risking your life.

Milan’s Bike Sharing is an easy, practical and ecological service, not just a simple bike rental service but a real public bicycle transport system as a supplement to ATM traditional Milan transportation vehicles.

If you are a biker riding fan, going on a morning, afternoon or evening tour accompanied by expert guide or guided bike ride through Milan and see the city’s hidden sites in the center and areas that are not on regular tour routes, it will be delightful experience.There are a very few other ways to get around Milan, such as:

  • Best of Milan rickshaw experience – a new way to visit Milan central area without getting tired? It’s worth a try.
  • Segway tour – Cruise through the streets of Milan on this three-hour guided Segway in complete safety.