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Visit Milan in November: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear

Milan in Novembre is when fall is in a full flight. November is a time when museum lines are shorter, restaurants are less crowded, airfare rates fall, and even hotels tend to be cheaper. November also means winter is just around the corner and many visitors don’t even envision to visit Milan or Northern Lakes in this month. But Italy including Milan is something to be enjoyed all year-round, and November has some advantages if it comes on your bucket list.

As one who lives here, Milan in November isn’t the best time of year for Milan. But on the other hand everything will be open for business and fun while city center shows the first signs of the preparations for the most important incoming events of the year, Christmas and New Year’s Day.


The most important November weather features are characterized by end of fall and beginning of winter. It’s a month with fewer sunny days, with higher possibility of rain and the snow isn’t rare towards the end of the month.


Is November rainy in Milan? According forecast statistics, it’s quite normal to expect some rainy days so you should be prepared for this. November has average 12 days of rain, only one less than October but temperatures are lower then in October.


How many sunny days you can expect in November? Not many, not more than two hours of sunshine hours per day. Possibility in percentage of sunny days in this month don’t go over 20%.

From my personal experience it’s more reliable to follow the temperature values for November, rather than weather forecasts especially those on a long time basis. The average daily temperature in Milan in this month is 8.5°C/47.3°F with highs reaching 12°C/53.6 °F on the warmest days.

What to Pack

It’s rather cold during the night when average temperature falls to 5°C/41°F so it’s important to know what to wear in Milan in November.

If you have read above weather forecasting for November in Milan, it won’t be a great deal to pack your warm-weather clothing and gear.

Winter Wear

Pack a sweater, warm jacket better if hooded and scarfs.There is lots of walking in this city, you’ll need definitely to wear comfortable and flat shoes, if waterproof much better as rain will be rather normal phenomenon.

The skiing season in Italian Alps in November hasn’t started yet but you won’t mistake if you bring a pair of thermal pants for men or thermal underwear for women


Bookcity Milan

Between 15 to 18 of November the city will become a real book city where the event under the name Bookcity Milan will be held.

It’s going to be a long weekend of events spread across the city and entirely dedicated on the theme of books.On different spaces and venues acros the city will be organized presentations, meetings with authors, readings, shows, exhibitions and seminars all focused on the written word.

Although it’s non an international book exhibition, you can visit Bookcty Milan website (only in Italian) to have more info and different venues where this event will take place day b day

Visit Milan in November: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear

International Motorcycle Expo

From 8th to 11th November this traditional manifestation will be held in Milan. This motorcycle expo draws motorcycle fans from all over the world to see the latest models and more.

The expo has reached its 75th edition with participation of exhibitors from nearly 40 countries. Check the International Motorcycle website for dates, price, and schedule.


Do you lake Jazz? If yes, November will be a right place to be in Milan. It will be 13 days of a music festival spread throughout theaters and city venues featuring great Italian and international artists. An event that best represents the jazz music universe.

On JazzMi website you’ll find all events and venues day by day where these concerts take palace with with timetables

Visit Milan in November: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear

Milano Music Week

Arrived at the second edition Music Week is completely dedicated to pop music. The Milan Music Week will be a week in which so many special and different things happen: concerts, presentations of new recording projects, meetings with artists, showcases and special events.

Visit Milan in November: Things to Do, Weather, What to Wear

A week in which music is at the center of the city’s activities and in which one looks at Milan in November as the capital of music in Italy. Visiting Music Week website (only in Italian) you’ll find a map of all venues in the city where different activities will take place.

What to Do

If you decide to visit Milan in November, you’ll find plenty of things to do. Don’t miss the events that will take place in the city during the month of November.

Antiques Market

Don’t miss the most famous Antiques Market in Milan held every last Sunday of the month on the Navigli canals.

Free Museum Sundays

Traditionally in Milan, every first Sunday of the month you can visit the civic museums for free! Don’t miss Palazzo Marino Milan’s city hall museum offering from Monday to Friday, free of charge tour!

All Saints Day

November will begin with some important Roman Catholic events. All Saints’Day (also called Ognissanti or Festa di Tutti i Santi) is celebrated on November 1 to commemorate all Catholic saints. It’s a national holiday and many shops and services will be closed.

All Souls Day

The day after on November 2 in Milan and in Italy is celebrating, so called, All Souls’ Day also known as ‘Tutti i morti’ (All dead day). On this day Italians bring flowers to cemeteries to honor deceased relatives so you’re likely to see many flowers in late October through early November. It isn’t a holiday but still some shops can be closed.

Day Trips

Milan in November is a good time to visit Milan’s highlights and particularly Milan’s museums. My advice is, put Milanin yours hands by purchasing the Milano Card, the city pass that gives you discounts on tickets for the city’s main attractions, museums as well as unlimited public transport for 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours based on the card purchased.