Weather in Milan

What’s the weather in Milan like? Neither the best nor the worst! If you want an honest answer from a guy who was born at sea, the answer is, rather unpredictable.

If only we could add something of Sicilian climate, for example some more sunny days, than it will be more pleasurable.

When talking about Milan meteorological conditions the best way is to trust what locals have to say. Frankly speaking the weather isn’t one of the best and more appropriate word to summarize the Milan climate, would be diversity.


Milan has a typical Mediterranean subtropical climate with four well-defined seasons. The main problem of weather in Milan is the high humidity rate which goes from the average 65% humidity level, hitting the 75 % in the summer period.

Milan city is humid for much of the year and in summer sometimes unbearably sticky when you are sweating even without doing anything, just sitting. I don’t suffer of weather sensitivity, but during the sultry heat in Milan, it is better to escape to the sea.

Weather in Milan
One of these sad rainy days in Milan without a living soul under Arch of Peace in Sempone Park

The one of Milan city’s advantages is its geographical position, protected from the north by the Alps mountains that favor the winter period without freezing temperatures. Rarely the temperature falls below zero (maximum from -1 to -3 in January).


Another Milan Italy meteorological conditions which causes greater discomfort is Milan fog, covering particularly the non-urban areas, causing many problems to the traffic. The fog is less visible in the city center but this phenomena provokes very high level of air pollution, particularly on days with no wind.


There are four distinct seasons in Milan, which all have their charms and allures.

Spring and Fall

I put these two seasons together as they are very similar. It rains a lot in either, less in Spring, with average high to 13°C in March, 17°C in April and 21°C in May. The umbrella and raincoat (the light one) are ‘must have one’. May and September are the most favorable months to visit Milan.


Summers in Milan reach average high to 21°C but in July and August you can face some unexpected rain thunderstorms when rain generally falls in heavy showers. Sometimes these showers will sweep away the summer heat and unbearable humidity in August. Check what’s the weather in Milan during the summer months:


In this season Milan can be very cold with average high temperatures of 7° C and average minimums of -3°C to -4°C. This refers to the period December to February. Sometimes with proper warmer clothing should make the winter season comfortable for most people. It rains less than in other seasons. Here are all winter months:

Air Pollution

To conclude I must emphasize that Milan’s city serious problem is the air pollution, caused mainly by intense car traffic and heating in the winter period. I must say that local city authorities for years have been fighting against this serious problem, but with inadequate success.

My intention is not to create alarming situations before you decide to visit Milan Italy, but I highly recommend that you read ‘Italy’s Breathtaking Pollution & Other Health Hazards‘ article from that I respect very much.

Weather in Milan