Milan Airports Guides: Info on Taxis, Transfers Costs + Map

There are 3 airports within 50km of Milan. Malepensa MXP is the biggest, Linate LIN is the closest, and Bergamo BGY the cheapest. Our quick guides and interactive airports map guides can help you get a sense of which option is best for you.

Knowing your airport transfer options in advance can save you a lot of time, especially if you use a private shuttle via KiwiTaxi for your airport pickup or drop-off.

Malepnsa MXP

Milan Malpensa MXP is the city’s largest airport and the 2nd largest international airport in Italy. If you’re traveling internationally to northern Italy, this is most common arrival destination for long-haul flight.

The downsides are that the airport is located 50 km away from Milan in the province of Varese, and there is no metro station at the airport. There is, however, a high-speed train, the Malpensa Express, which takes only 30-minutes to reach the Milan city-center.


Pretty much every airlines imaginable flies in and out of MXP airport, as it’s a major transportation hub for Italy. At present, EasyJet, Wizzair, and Ryanair have the most daily flights in and out of Malpensa.


The airport has two terminals, but currently due to COVID-19, ONLY Terminal 1 is in use with Terminal 2 scheduled to re-open in April 2021.

In normal times, you’d expect to arrive at Terminal 1 unless you were flying on EasyJet or Wizzair, which generally fly out of Terminal 2.


The most common and cheapest mode of transport to and from Milan MXP Airport is the Malpensa Express train. If you prefer to be in a vehicle by yourself, then hiring a private shuttle or renting a car are your best options.

Buses are only recommended when your stop is not close to the train route, or if you want to save a bit of money on a return-trip. Taxis are simply too expensive and cost roughly 10x that of public transportation.


There are three direct train lines from Milan to Terminal 1. The most efficient is the Malpensa Express route from Cardona Station, also known as Milano Nord. The express route cost 12 € and takes just 30 minutes. Cardorna station is very close to the Sforza Castle side of Parco Sempione and just 3 short metro stops away from the Duomo Cathedral.

If you’re connecting to or from another train, such as via Rome, Venice or Florence, it’s best to get the Milano Centrale station train of the one at Garibaldi station. These tickets costs 10 € with the ride taking 45-60 minutes.

Private Shuttles

If you’re looking for door-to-door service, a private airport shuttle is the cheapest option with prices starting from 80 € via Kiwi Taxi. If you’re traveling with multiple passengers, hiring one of their 7-passenger minibuses from 95 € is your best bet.

Rental Cars

In the winter months, Milan Malpensa car rentals can be quite cheap with prices starting from 20 € per day. Once you get into the busy summer season, however, you’re looking at double or triple the base rate for a tiny compact vehicle.

As availability diminishes the prices skyrocket further! When this happens, it pays to check for cheap rental car prices outside of the airport, especially, if you need a car for more than a day or two. Many rental companies within a 10-15KM radius of the airport offer free shuttle pickup and drop-off.


While not recommended unless you’re stop is not near the train station, the airport buses leave to and from Milano Centrale station. There three prominent bus companies on this route: Malpensa Shuttle, Terravision, and the Autostradale.

The fee for a one-way ticket is 8-10 €, which is similar to the train. The price for a return-trip is 14-16 €, which will save you a bit of money over the train.

The ride via Terminal 1 takes over one hour, and via Terminal 2 is around 50 minutes. Traffic congestion however can add to the timeline. Travel between the two Terminals is free via MXP airport shuttle.

Malpensa Shuttle

This Air Pullman bus service runs every 20 and connects to both Malpensa Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 via Milano Centrale station. It also stops outside Piazza Luigi di Savoiaat the right side of the main building. You can buy Malpensa Shuttle tickets online on their website.


Also runs every 20 minutes and connects to both Malpensa Terminals via Milano Centrale. You can buy Terravision Bus tickets on their website.


A third option option which runs every 30 minutes via Milano Centrale. You can buy Autostradale Bus tickets via


With a base rate of roughly 100 €, this is really only an option for those who want to walk out the plane and straight into a car without so much as lifting a finger. Ordering a private shuttle via Kiwi Taxi with pickup service not only will be cheaper, but generally safer too.

If you opt for a taxi service, you’ll find the at the taxi station queue as soon as you leave the arrival area. For your security don’t take any other taxi, if you don’t see the sticker Taxi autorizzato per il servizio aeroportuale lombardo.

You risk paying a double tariff when taking any other taxi without this visible sign.

What To Do

Being the biggest airport in Milan, Malpensa MXP has more than enough facilities to keep you busy all day long. Inside Terminal 1, you’ll encounter numerous restaurants, bars, and shops.

There is a large duty-free area full of all types of shops that sell souvenirs, accessories, and electronics.

Terminal 1 hosts two famous restaurants; Obica, a mozzarella bar, and the Davide Oldani Cafe. There’s a huge food court, and sandwich bars.


You have free internet services at a 6 Mbps rate. You can connect simply to their network, MALPENSA FREE WI-FI, and click on the Surf option.


If you need to sleep inside the terminals, it is advisable to go to Terminal 1 where there are more comfortable seats. You also have Sheraton Hotel directly connected to Terminal 1, and some other nearby hotels that can provide you with free shuttle services to and from.

Linate LIN

Also known as Airport Enrico Forlanini, Milan Linate was originally named after an Italian inventor and aeronautical pioneer who died in the 1930s shortly before the airport opened.

At only 8km from the city center, flying into Linate is as close as you can get to the action unless your plane lands on the Duomo Rooftop. Due to its close proximity to the city limits, LIN is also the smallest airport serving Milan with flight slots being limited.

Only domestic flights within Italy and the EU are allowed here and as such, it’s the preferred location for many of the Lombardy rich. LIN flights are generally more expensive than those in Bergamo.

Getting to Linate is quite easy. Using just a normal ticket or any valid public transport pass, you can catch Bus № 73 from just behind the Duomo. There are also many airport shuttles from Milano Centrale, but unfortunately, the M4 Metro line won’t yet be ready until 2023.


While LIN is the smallest airport serving Milan, you’ll also mostly find national flight companies, like Alitalia, Lufthansa, and Air France. EasyJet and Wizzair airlines, however, combine to have the most daily flights and they also connect to most travel destinations in Italy too.


The most convenient way to the airport on the cheap is via a shuttle bus which generally cost 5 €, and allow you to store your luggage in their lower compartments. All shuttles depart to and from Milano Centrale Station where you can easily connect to trains and the Milan Metro system.

Air Bus

The Air Bus runs every 30 minutes from 6:00 AM — 11:000 PM with the travel time being roughly 25 minutes in either direction. One-way tickets cost 5 €, while returns cost 9 €, and you can buy them directly from the driver.

Public Bus

This is the cheapest way to get to/from the city center and LIN, but if you have more than carry-on baggage, it’s also the most inconvenient when it’s busy.

Public Bus № 73, links Linate Airport with San Babila Square, right in the heart of the city. It runs every 10 minutes from 6:00 AM to midnight with tickets only costing 1,50 €, and the ride taking about 30 minutes. Do note that you cannot buy a ticket on the bus, but there are vending machines in both Linate Airport and Duomo Metro Station.

Malpensa Shuttle

The Malpensa Shuttle runs both ways been Linate and MXP Airport with tickets costing 13 € each way.

In case you need to reach Malpensa Terminal 1 to catch a connecting overseas flight or head to Linate to catch a domestic connection, this is the cheapest option, as a taxi will be 100—120 €.


A metered taxi will take you to and from the city center and Linate Airport for about 20—25 €. You can catch one at the taxi ranks outside Linate just by entering the queue. Most tourist locations also have a taxi station nearby or ask you can ask your hotel to call one.

Prices change throughout the day with airport taxi transfers starting from 3,30 € per km (daytime), 5,40 € per km (festive daytime), and 6,50 € per km (night drive).

Beware of unofficial taxis touting for business outside the airport. For your security don’t take any other taxi, if you don’t see the sticker Taxi Autorizzato per il Servizio Aeroportuale Lombardo.

What To Do

Being a small airport there are not many places to spend your time here. There are some cafes and fast-food restaurants. After passing through the security, you will find some shops that mainly sell Italian brands and electronics. There are also pizza and sandwich bars, like Il Panino Giusto, and a supermarket where you can buy food.

If you have more than a few hours to spare and don’t want to head into the city, Idrascalo Lake borders the eastern side of Linate and has some nice walking trails, and water sports. Europark Milano Idrascalo is also nearby and could make for a great morning with the kids if you have an afternoon flight.


LIN airport offers free internet connection speeds up to 6 Mbps without registering. Just connect to the LINATE FREE WI-FI then click on the Surf button after accepting the Terms and conditions to start using Wi-Fi.

Hotels Nearby

With Linate Airport only being 8km from the Milan city center, you pretty much have as many choices as you want nearby. There are however are several hotels that are quite close to the airport and within walking distance of Idrascalo Lake.

The bigger chain options are the Moxy Milan Linate Airport, Novotel Milano Linate Aeroporto, Allegroitalia Espresso Linate, Holiday Inn Milan Linate, and the Air Hotel Milano Linate, which also rent day room to travelers.

Some smaller, but quite nice lodgings include Country Hotel Borromeo, and Hotel Motel Luna, Most of these hotels have free shuttles between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM that can be found outside the first-floor departures, at exit #4.

Do note during slow times that you may also be required to make a pickup request rather than take a shuttle on schedule. You can also take a quick taxi too, as all of these hotels are within 1-4 km of the airport.

Sleeping Inside

There are no hotels or sleeping pods in Linate’s airport terminals, but you can sleep on some of the hard-backed rows of seats. Security shouldn’t bother you, but cleaning staff might require you to move while they do their thing.

Bergamo BGY

Bergamo Airport (a.k.a.Orio al Serio) is the third Milan airport that takes over part of Linate and Malpensa air traffic. It’s 45 km from Milan center. It is often used in a state of emergency, or in case of fog. It’s one of the most important low-cost airports in Italy.

Below are the most convenient Milan airport transfers to reach it from Milan city:


Terravision Low-Cost Express Coach is the most relatable service from/to Bergamo airport to Milan Central Station (Piazza Luigi di Savoia).

For the price of only 5€ one-way is the cheapest way to reach the Milan city center.

Now you can book directly your express low-cost airport transfer to/from Milan Bergamo airport direct to/from Milan Central Station.

Bergamo airport is also connected with Milan Central station and Malpensa airport by the Orio Shuttle bus service, run by ‘Locatelli Air Pullman‘ company.

Check all important info about the timetable and ticket prices on this link. Prices start from 4€ to 12€ from Orio al Serio airport to Malpens terminals 1 and 2.


Taxi area is located outside the arrivals. Taxi prices are around 90€ per taxi from there to Milan city center.

Even here, make sure that it has the sticker ‘Taxi autorizzato per il servizio aeroportuale lombardo‘ on the windscreen.

Map of Airports

Linate is the closest airport to Milan (only 7km away) while Malpensa (the biggest) to the west and Bergamo (budget-airline friendly) to the east roughly 45-50 km away.


Below you’ll find answers to our frequently asking questions about all three Milan airports.

Milan MXP Airport

Ensure you pack everything you need in-flight inside your carry-on bag while ensuring it does not exceed 5 kg or contain any prohibited objects. Pack everything else in your checked luggage while also ensuring there are no dangerous objects within.

For check-in and security control, keep all of your travel documents in a secure, but easy-to-reach pocket or bag.

Furthermore, be courteous, patient, and respectful with all Milan MXP Airport staff. Even when you’re in a hurry, be prepared to kindly answer any question the check-in desk, passport, and baggage control might ask you.

You should arrive at MXP airport at least 2-3 hours prior to departure so you can check in your luggage soon after the desk opens. Getting your boarding pass and navigating through passport control could take approximately 30-90 minutes.

The airport also has 76 departure gates, so you might need to add an extra 10-20 minutes after passing through customs to get to your flight.