Restaurants in Linate LIN Airport

Milan Linate Airport has taken airport food to the stratosphere, bringing in gourmet award-winning Michelangelo Citino’s restaurant, exclusive desserts by Roberto Rinaldini, and sandwiches by David Oldani. Oh, and let’s not forget the scrumptious Patanas Nanas, tasty Pizza Chef, or the Ferrari sparkling wine!

The dining options available at LIN airport are some of the best features of the latest rounds of renovations, which also include the addition of the Briciole Bar and Ferrari Spazio Bollicine.


According to the 2019 Fab Awards, Michelangelo Citino is the Best Airport Chef in the World. You may not have heard of them, but the Fab Awards are the equivalent of the Oscars in the world of airport catering. However, you might be more familiar with the Michelin Guide and the Espresso Guide, where Michelangelo comes highly recommended.

Michelangelo is a quality dining experience that provides a relaxing environment where you can appreciate the food in front of you as well as your surroundings. The restaurant is furnished by top designer brands including Kartell, Bonacina, Calligaris, and Gufram.

Overlooking the runways, you can watch planes come and go while you savor your lunch. The bistro menu is available from 11:30 am to 6 pm, and most dishes will be ready to serve within 10-15 minutes. After 6 pm you can enjoy the evening menu. There is an express tasting menu you can complete in 40 minutes but plenty of other options if you have more time available. There are seasonal chef’s specials, as well as classic offerings like Saffron Risotto, Milanese Cutlet, and Spaghetti Pomodoro.

In addition to the restaurant, there is also a small market area where you can purchase premium Italian products like pasta and olive oil to recreate classic Italian dishes at home.



Roberto Rinaldini is a world-renowned pastry chef with shops in Milan, Rome, and Rimini. His latest store in the arrivals area of Linate airport offers a familiar sweet treat for returning residents and tempting treats for new arrivals. The cafe is easy to locate with its striking black and fuchsia colors.

There are plenty of choices whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The croissants and brioche are excellent and go particularly well with their Cappuccino. All the bread used throughout the menu is baked onsite. There are five different types of dough which are all made fresh daily. They make an ordinary sandwich, baguette, or piadina truly delicious. For dinner, try a top-quality pizza made with Rinaldini’s superior dough.

Rinaldini also sells his most iconic products. Take the time to sample the MacaRAL, Italian style macaroons, and Chococolour, cremini in multiple colors and flavors.

Hours: Open daily from 7:00 AM to 11:30 PM.


Patatas Nana

Airside you can indulge in some gourmet potato chips at Patatas Nana. These specialty loose chips are served au natural or with flavorings such as spicy curry, lime with black pepper, sweet smoked paprika, and 3-star PGI Modena balsamic vinegar.

Patatas Nana are the only potato chips to be manufactured from only three ingredients, with no preservatives or additives. The company only uses Agria potatoes due to their texture and starch properties.

If you’ve never experienced freshly cooked potato chips, do yourself a favor and grab a portion before your flight. You can enjoy the chips as they are or warmed by the special Nana-Lampada. When it comes to airport food pricing, at 4, 50 € per portion, they’re a steal.


David Oldani Cafe

Also in the departure area, you’ll find this high-end sandwich bar where the menu was designed by chef Davide Oldani. What makes them so special, is the combination of ingredients. One limited edition of note is the salmon fillet with lemon butter served on rice bread.

The concept behind the format was to bring the idea of a neighborhood bakery into the airport. The result is a wide range of quality fresh bread and gourmet ingredients. For example, all the Salami used is produced by Salumi Pasini. The company follows a recipe they developed with Oldani that uses Italian pork fillet, salt, pepper, and selected flavorings.


Pizza Chef

Right next to Patatas Nanas, you’ll find Pizza Chef, where you deliciously topped dough by the slice. Don’t be fooled; this is no ordinary pizza. Pizza-Chef pizza is made with input from two world-renowned culinary experts, Roberto Rinaldini from the Rinaldini Pastry Shop, and Michelangelo Citino from Michelangelo Restaurant.